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Friday Five!

  1. Finn started Summer Band last night. The high school he’s entering marches all during the summer at various parades (including Seattle’s Torchlight Parade), so July will be pretty busy for the kid. I like that.
  2. For Summer Band the kids just have to wear purple polo shirts, white pants, and all white athletic shoes. The band director said we didn’t have to buy “Nike Super Dupers.” Ummm…you don’t know me, apparently. I bet these make Finn march faster (size 13—oy!).
  3. Sales associates find Finn quite charming. Today a grocery checker said she had a friend he should meet (based on his Ramones t-shirt and general chattiness), and she wrote the friend’s name down on the receipt and told him to look her up on Facebook. WTF?
  4. I officially started my two week vacation at 2:30 pm. Hawaii on Tuesday. I’m just a little excited.
  5. I listened to Crystal Waters’ “100% Pure Love” twice while I wrote this. It’s probably in my Top 5 favorite dance songs. I should have bought myself some Nike Super Dupers so I could properly cut a rug.
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  1. togetbackhomeward said: He gets to do the Torchlight?! That’s awesome. When I was in marching band we never did anything cool during the summer although we did take some cool trips during the school year.
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