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I read a book, yo!

Yeah, I read Shirley Jones’ book. How could I not? She’s Shirley Partridge! And Marian the Librarian! And Shaun Cassidy’s mom! Da Doo Ron Ron!

This was a fun and quick celebrity read. She talks about her sex life with Jack Cassidy, but I was really hoping she would talk about her time on Tattletales, the game show where celebrity couples were quizzed about their personal lives. She and Marty Ingles, her second husband, used to be on that show, and I loved it.

Fun Janet Fact: I know all the words to “I Think I Love You” by The Partridge Family, and I still have one of their 45s in a box in my closet thanks to my sister who gave me all her old records.

Another Fun Janet Fact: When I was in the 4th grade, my grandmother gave me a Shaun Cassidy pink t-shirt (same as the one pictured, but the t-shirt was PINK). I  was never into Shaun Cassidy, and I certainly would never have worn a celebrity on my shirt, but I was way too afraid nice to say anything. So I gave the shirt to my younger cousin on the other side of the family. Winning!

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  1. electradaddy said: Loved Tattletales. Remember those big earphones?
  2. lazydad said: Is this the tell-all book where Shirley Jones called Joan Collins a ho and Joan Collins was all, I ain’t no ho, betch! I’m paraphrasing, of course.
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