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Seth and Kathryn’s wedding was fun and touching and lovely and full of joy. It was an amazing day. I’m sure I’ll post more photos at a later date, but right now I just want to brag on my kid a bit.

Finn helped with the general wedding set up in the morning. He helped the family move chairs and buckets of flowers. He arranged flowers, and ran little errands. He took Polaroids before and right after the ceremony with Kathryn’s refurbished Polaroid camera. And he worked the photo booth pretty much single-handedly like a boss. For three hours! Kid has stamina.

Scott and I received so many nice compliments on Finn’s maturity and kindness and sense of humor in addition to his excellent command of the photo booth. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming.

Last night as we were wrapping up he ran off for a second and when he came back I said, “Where’d you go?” He said he went to thank the catering and wait staff (he took a photo booth pic of all of them earlier). I didn’t ask him to do that. I know kids learn from and often model their parents, but sometimes he surprises me. I could learn a thing or two from him.

Nice work young grasshopper.

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  1. electradaddy said: You’re raising a super star.
  2. mamamusement said: That’s a great young man you’re raising. I hope my guy turns out to be as great when he hits his teens.
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