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Our first Team Payton wedding of the season is on Saturday. Scott took engagement photos of the playful couple above, and now we’re ready for the big day.

I’m a little nervous, because I haven’t shot a wedding with Scott since last year. Even though he does all the heavy lifting and I’m just a second shooter, I’m a little anxious about getting the right shots and making sure I know what the hell I’m doing with the camera. I’m never going to be Scott— a pro who manages to combine amazing technical expertise with a keen artistic eye—so it’s a little daunting when he’s trying to explain things to me. Sometimes when I feel his words flying over my head I resist the urge to say, You realize you’ve walked away with another person’s grocery cart MORE THAN ONCE, right?

But I do love weddings, and I know I do a good job of easing the tension during stressful situations. I’m good at directing people without actually being bitchy, and I hope by lightening the mood I’m able to capture some fun moments. I’m fortunate to be able to do all that while relying on Scott to capture the BIG IMPORTANT MOMENTS. Now that’s stressful, but that’s the kind of stress Scott appears to thrive on, which perplexes me sometimes since he’s not normally what comes to mind when I think of grace under pressure.

But lately I’ve been thinking that wedding photography is kind of like a sport. It requires focus, agility and a ton of physical endurance. Oh, and hydration! These are often 12-14 hour days, and you have to be prepared to be running around, hiking up and down stairs, crouching, kneeling, bending, lifting. You have to weather the elements and go for long stretches without food or a bathroom break. Scott was quite an athlete back in the day, so it’s no surprise that a challenge like a wedding gets his competitive juices flowing.

Um, I was not an athlete. I was in band. I’ve been known to chat up the DJ or the wedding musicians only to think, Oops, I think I’m supposed to be working here.

Testing my physical endurance isn’t really my jam.

Which is why I think people are surprised to find out I had my son naturally. Yup, no drugs! Not even an aspirin. You know why? I did it to use as an excuse for getting out of doing anything else that required strength or stamina or general discomfort for the rest of my life without feeling totally lame.

You want me to join you on your Fun Run? No thanks, ever since I gave birth without drugs other physical activities just seem boring. Your Zumba class sounds really cool. I’d participate, but you remember I gave birth naturally, right? This concert venue doesn’t have chairs? Ummm…I’m outta here.

Scott performs most physical activities with gusto (my brother Bill used to say Scott mowed the lawn like he was being timed), and wedding photography is no exception. He’s a total MVP.

I’m more like a loveable mascot. I may not win any games, but the whole experience sure is more fun when I’m there. And the kids and old people love me.

Can’t wait for Saturday.

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  1. electradaddy said: But does he mow the lawn shirtless? Gurl, we need the important details!
  2. midwestern-momma said: The line about Scott mowing the lawn assures me that our husbands would get along swimmingly. Husband thrives on a “challenge” that requires stamina and endurance. Me? Not so much.
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