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So this is happening right outside my office window. It’s like I have a front seat to a Richard Scarry book come to life. Where’s Goldbug?

Gosh it’s been a pretty day around here. So pretty that I’m not even bummed about the Seahawks’ loss or by the fact that I had to bust out my reading glasses to paint my nails.

Today I went shopping, planted some bulbs, took a nice long walk, made a Sunday roast, and listened to some new music. Now I’m getting ready to eat that roast and watch The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXV with my boys.

It’s been a good day.

I know a lot of folks reblogged this, but the marbles though! Look at those grapes! And at least one big steelie! My older brother Tom was a marble champ, and I wasn’t too bad myself. Tom probably would have stolen a prized box of marbles for me, but that wasn’t necessary. No one really picked on me. Maybe because I had giant older brothers.

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This lovely couple decided that, even though they plan to have a big wedding party sometime in the next year, they really wanted to be officially married right away. They also decided they’d like to get married on a boat. Long story short, they called Scott a few days before, and he was actually available, so off he went to Seattle’s Lake Union to take some wedding ceremony pictures of the happy couple (and three crew members) aboard the Schooner Lavengro.

Lavengro is a 1926 wooden gaff rigged schooner. She is named after a book written by George Barrow, Lavengro, The Scholar, the Gypsy. the Priest. Schooner Lavengro is also the name of my new band. The boat is over 60 feet long but has, according to Scott, approximately 6 feet of space for humans to get around in above deck. It does boast a “head,” or maritime toilet, which is a nice feature. 

They started off sailing by the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat, since Jenny’s mom is a huge fan of the movie. The crew kept the boat parked in front of the house(boat) long enough to get some pictures, while the owner (decidedly NOT Tom Hanks) watched them from his deck.

Next they warmed up with a bottle of wine before getting down to the business of getting married. When it was time to kiss the bride, a sea plane took off and flew right overhead, on cue. I don’t think that was in the wedding package, but it sure would be a nice touch if they could swing it for everyone.

After popping the bubbly and enjoying the gorgeous scenery it was time to make things all legal by signing the marriage certificate. The crew act as officiants, witnesses, and resident hipsters in addition to doing all that sailing.

I kid about the hipster stuff, but the crew member who did the officiating did have a great mop of messy hair and an awesome mustache. Scott can’t remember the officiant’s name, but one of the crew was named Somerset. So if the hipster fits…

After getting off the boat, Scott snapped a few more shots of the couple with Seattle’s iconic Space Needle and a beautiful crescent moon in the background. Then he drove them back to their hotel, because he’s nice like that.

It was one of the shorter and sweeter weddings he’s gotten to photograph, and will probably always stand as one of the most unique.

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