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I know some folks think Facebook is evil, but I have always enjoyed it. I have managed to use it wisely without involving myself in any drama, and I know how to ignore stuff that pisses me off. And I don’t care that Scott is friends with all his old girlfriends. In fact, I’m sure there are several in this preschool picture that someone posted today.

He’s the dapper fellow in the front row sporting the vest with pockets. He says he was the world’s first disco banker. And look at that cowlick. Adorbs!

See, without Facebook I would never have known about this early 70s awesomeness.

I don’t typically dwell on getting older. I have always surrounded myself with friends young and old, so I just assume everyone is around my age. Which is thirty-something (I’m not really thirty-something).

I have always felt thirty-something. It’s not a good or a bad thing, I was just one of those mature kids who always felt like an adult. In high school I worked at a pharmacy and the older folks loved me. I listened to (and remembered) their stories, I had a good grasp of history, and I could tell them which Fleet enema they should buy without getting embarrassed.

I remember talking to a friend at a 15-year high school reunion and he mentioned the ways he’d changed and matured since high school, and then he looked at me and said, “But you don’t seem to have changed at all.” Not really. Good ol’ reliable, Janet. Born 30.

I got married young and I had a kid at 30, but even that didn’t change me much. I’ve always been responsible.

But now that I’m in my mid-40s I certainly notice some subtle differences that have come with aging, and in the last few years I have felt a real growth—a surge in my level of maturity. 

I have learned to care less and less about pleasing others (not an easy task in my circles, mind you). I have learned to decline things without following up with an excuse or feeling guilty. Right now I can hear my mother from about ten years ago saying, “You’re not going to the wedding? I’ll tell them you’re camping.” 

My job is perfect for my life. My practical Mazda runs great. Downsizing my house/yard was a genius move. I have stopped obsessing about decorating my home (because while I love the idea, I don’t have much actual interest). I have a mere 250 Tumblr followers. And even though I cried when my son gave up piano lessons after five years, I have learned to embrace the person he wants to be (which is not Elton John).

So the Joneses can suck it!

Actually, I don’t really mean that. I don’t even begrudge people with money who love nice things. Whatever brings you joy, Joneses!

Of course, there are the other signs of aging that are less soul enriching and more delightfully mundane:

  • I bought a smaller mobile device, and I was pretty excited because that meant I could buy a smaller handbag. I ended up buying an even bigger handbag, because now I have to carry reading glasses.
  • Our hotel in San Francisco was two blocks away from the house where they filmed the Real World: Ex-Plosion last year (I found out from my friend who lives down the street). I didn’t even know they were still filming the Real World. I religiously watched the Real World from 1992 to 2003 (Las Vegas), and then lost interest. I blame Trishelle.
  • I was working out on the gym elliptical machine listening to my own music on my headphones and watching the television. A commercial came on and I thought, That woman is pretty, and I like her shirt. It was a menopause commercial.
  • My knees make noise when I walk up the stairs.
  • I’m listening to The Essential Kenny Loggins right now, and loving every minute of it. The “Don’t Fight It” duet with Steve Perry is a lost gem.

Twilight and Forks, WA

  • From the Forks website:

    Travel to Forks, Washington to see the actual town where author Stephenie Meyer based her Twilight book series. Discover the magic of the rainiest town in the contiguous United States, just like Bella did! Explore the rain forest and beaches and just maybe, catch a glimpse of a vampire or werewolf!Please join us for STEPHENIE MEYER DAY/BELLA’S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND.

  • Me:

    Hey, are you guys going anywhere on spring break?

  • Co-worker:

    Yeah, but it probably isn't as exciting as you think.

  • Me:

    Oh, are you headed to see your parents in Forks?

  • Co-worker:

    You know it. Did you know that Forks is a destination for Make-a-Wish kids? When I was a kid my Make-a-Wish would have been to get me the hell out of Forks.

Tuesday Truth

  • I didn’t do anything for Earth Day this year. I hope Earth doesn’t tell all the other planets how ungrateful I am. We’ll see if Earth is still talking to me tomorrow.
  • It’s Day 11 of our Hawaii 70 Day Challenge. I have lost four pounds. Scott has lost 7. Scott always was an overachiever. And a jerk.
  • Just kidding. I’m proud of both of us!
  • Tomorrow I plan to write a post about getting older, but it’s 7 pm and I’m headed for bed.
  • I’m not kidding.

Someone in this household might be a little jealous of a certain younger family member with a fast metabolism who isn’t participating in the Hawaii 70 Day Challenge, and who also happens to have a ton of leftover jelly beans.

I’ll give you a hint: I don’t like jelly beans.

Scott has done really well on our challenge, but occasionally eating super healthy makes one hangry. That’s Scott’s new word for hungry and angry. Don’t make him hangry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s hangry.

Ummm, and if you followed me recently because I’m supposed to be a good example of how to raise a teenager, uhhhh, I’m sorry? 

My BFF Carla had brain surgery to remove part of a tumor five years ago today. They couldn’t remove it all, so she will never be cancer free, but she’s still doing much better than expected five years later.

So we’re celebrating!  Well, her family and friends are celebrating (see post above from her beautiful daughter, Emily). Carla is all, like, “Whatever, let’s stop talking about me. What’s going on with you?! Tell me all your stories!!”

That’s why she’s been my BFF for 38 years.

Ah spring in the PNW. We got lucky yesterday (see above). Today notsomuch.

Today has been pretty great, however, despite the weather. Scott and I are rocking our 70 Day Hawaii Challenge (Day 7!). I purchased a new mobile device and a new handbag. (Am I shopping instead of eating? Who cares!)

I helped Finn with some homework (I still got it when it comes to 8th grade writing assignments!), and I boiled some eggs (for a potato salad not for egg dying THANK GAWD!).

And a little bit ago Finn’s cousin Geoff picked up Finn to take him back to his house so they can play geeky computer games all night. Geoff will be 17 soon, and it’s so weird that he can drive now all by himself. Geoff is my sister’s son, and he and Finn have been buddies since the day Finn was born (okay, maybe a little later, but whatever).

And it was so bizarre to see him just drive up in the suburban. Like a real adult person and everything. OMG!

Finn was very excited although he tried to maintain his cool and act like it was no big deal. I thought I would be more nervous, but Geoff is very responsible and they were just driving back to my sister’s house a few miles away. Also he’s driving a tank.

I actually got kind of choked up as they pulled away from the curb. Those little babies are all growns up!

Well, not completely. But you know what I mean.

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