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Comic Neue Is Nothing More Than the Demon Bastard Child of Comic Sans

Hey lazydad, I know how you like to stay on the cutting edge of all things design and stuff, so my apologies if you already know about Comic Neue.

Oh Neue you di-in’t!

This sooooo reminds me of the time in fake high school when we were in charge of prom decorations, and you wanted the theme to be Under the Cherry Moon, but the prom adviser, Ms. Betch, vetoed you, because she thought that sounded nasty. But I never told you the prom committee would have rejected that theme anyway because, even though the Prince movie posters were cool and all, who wants their prom to be based on the worst movie ever?  

Ms. Betch wanted the theme to be the totally safe “That’s What Friends Are For,” based on the Dionne and Friends song. Lame! I know that song was for a good cause, but Dionne was a thousand years old even back then. So I said, Hey, if we have to use a dusty old Burt Bacharach song as a theme, I say we use “Always Something There to Remind Me.” And not the original 60’s version, but the cool Naked Eyes cover.

Because in fake high school I knew everything.

But then we all settled on “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by Wang Chung (even though “Dance Hall Days” is a far superior song, but whatever majority rules barf).

In summary, your hand-painted neon posters were total amazeball attention grabbers, and prom attendance was through the roof. Great fake times!

In other news, don’t Google Wang Chung to see what those dudes look like today. Unless you want to get kinda scared and feel super old, of course. Then by all means knock yourself out.

Looking for a Job in Seattle? Social Media Analyst- Term Limited

This looks fun. And government jobs rock! Plus Sound Transit needs a bitchin’ Tumblr page.

I read a book, yo! I think Entertainment Weekly recommended You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz, and I’m glad they did. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Korelitz is a gifted writer, and I didn’t mind that most of the action takes place offstage, so to speak.

From Amazon: Grace Reinhart Sachs is living the only life she ever wanted for herself. Devoted to her husband, a pediatric oncologist at a major cancer hospital, their young son Henry, and the patients she sees in her therapy practice, her days are full of familiar things: she lives in the very New York apartment in which she was raised, and sends Henry to the school she herself once attended. Dismayed by the ways in which women delude themselves, Grace is also the author of a book You Should Have Known, in which she cautions women to really hear what men are trying to tell them.

But weeks before the book is published a chasm opens in her own life—and then Amazon goes and gives away a big part of the story! I’m sure glad I didn’t read that review before I started the book. I think I would have still enjoyed it (and I don’t typically care much about spoilers), but jeesh. Leave something to mystery, wouldya Amazon?

Tuesday Truth

  • Our vacation was awesome, but I ate my way through Northern California. And since we’re going to Hawaii at the end of June, I have to start getting serious. Like, no more kidding around with getting in shape. No more eating well during the week and then stuffing my face hole with as much pizza and Cadbury Mini Eggs as humanly possible on Friday.
  • So Scott and I are on a 70 Day Hawaii Challenge. Scott agreed to this idea, and then said, “Hey wait. What’s the challenge?” So I was all, Ummm, to not eat delicious crap foods and still stay married?
  • Truthfully, we’ve gone on various diets and health kicks before, and we’ve been pretty good about it. But then life gets in the way, some a-hole invents the cronut, and the next thing you know we both need to lose 20 pounds. The challenge is to each lose 20 pounds.
  • I could probably stand to lose 25 pounds.
  • On Tuesday nights Scott goes to a late movie with his friends. They see movies with action and gore and kills and stuff. But really they all go for Free Popcorn Tuesday. Scott just said, “Well, tonight I could eat dinner. Or I could have a small, unbuttered popcorn.” I told him he could go without the popcorn. He laughed and laughed. 

generxdad asked:

So did you find out what working at imgur is like? Seems like total slacker job. Is there more to it than just keeping the website from crashing? And how does imgur make money?

As I mentioned earlier this week, Finn visited the Imgur office while we were in San Francisco. The office is essentially a giant room with eleven people working on image content and developing ideas for growth. The website is actually cloud based, so they don’t even keep it from crashing. That’s for some other dudes to do in some other room for some other company.

Imgur makes money from ad content mostly, and with their 40 million dollars in venture capital they just secured, they plan to more than double their staff size and move to swankier digs later this year—so they can slack off in greater comfort.

Thanks for asking, generxdad!

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