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Tuesday Truth

  • This has been a weird-ass week. I never talk about work, because duh. But I just might be saving a bunch of stories for my sitcom.
  • I started watching “The Leftovers” on Sunday. Talk about weird-ass.
  • I highly recommend the new Bleachers album. Catchy stuff.
  • I wore a pair of new heels yesterday, and they were super comfortable right outta the box. What with all the war and poverty and crime and natural disasters, I’m sort of embarrassed to admit how happy this made me. But there you go.
  • Finn marched in Olympia this weekend, and he wasn’t even protesting anything. Not a bad gig.image

There’s Always Tomorrow

I saw a lot of great pictures of healthy summer dinners tonight. Nice!

We had one of those summer nights where we all got home at different times, so I had a few pieces of a frozen California Pizza Kitchen cheese pizza, a hunk of stale french bread, a mini coffee ice cream that Scott forgot we had, and a couple of swigs of Finn’s ginger ale.

It was all pretty delicious. And I hope I fall asleep before Scott reads this.

See Them All and Name Them All


By Marie Jensen


Dear Teenager,

ibelieveyouitsnotyourfault is a new tumblr that I think is pretty powerful and interesting. It was created by Lindy West, a Seattle-based writer who used to work at Seattle’s alternative weekly the Stranger, and now is a staff writer at You can find out the background of the blog here. The posts are pretty honest and raw, so be warned. But it’s a chance for women to share their stories with teenagers in hopes of making an impact.

Team Payton

The three of us had a very busy weekend. Scott had three photo booths, Finn marched in two parades, and I got stuck for two hours in a traffic jam to see Journey.

Scott has a wedding tonight, so Finn and I sat in my room and watched TV for a few hours. Finn never watches TV, so I appreciated that he hung out and kept me company (he’s also wiped out from miles of marching with a bass drum, so I think he was too tired to resist my request). I really do enjoy his company. You know, when he’s not constantly showing me hilarious videos and cartoons on his phone.

We’ve had a fun but busy summer. It hasn’t always been smooth and our schedules have been a bit whacky, but we’re trying to work as a team. The three of us make a good team. And this team member is going to bed at 8 pm.

I look up set lists before I attend concerts. Do other people do this? I’m sure they do, but probably not for the lame old person reason I do. I look them up to see when I should go to the bathroom or to see if I need to bother staying for the encore. Let’s beat the traffic! I gotta get up in the morning!

I’m headed to see Journey tonight. While it’s really not Journey without Steve Perry, I must say Arnel Pineda is pretty incredible. And I’ve seen the documentary, and he’s a delightful person.

I’m looking over the set list, and I don’t see a break in sight. But if I have to choose, I’ll head to the bathroom right after “Open Arms.” I’m not a fan of “Escape” and I’ll probably be pissed at all the drunk people who sang too loudly through “Open Arms.”

And I have to stay for the encore, so let’s hope my friends/ride love “Lovin’, Touchin’,Squeezin’” as much as I do. I’ll also try not to cry through “Stone in Love” out of sheer nostalgia. I don’t know why, but that song gives me all the middle school feels. More than any other Journey tune. “Those summer nights are calling/Stone in love” (oh btw, this song is on my Summer Songs play list and Blue Jean Girl is the name of my new band).

As a side note, Finn’s band has been playing “Any Way You Want It” in summer band, so I’ve heard this song about a million times so far this summer. Can’t wait for a million and one!

I’m old, not dead! 

I read a book, yo! I heard about @RCastanedaWP's S Street Rising: Crack, Murder, and Redemption in D.C. from a Twitter post by @Questlove. I think there was a link to a book excerpt and I was hooked right away. 
From Booklist:
When D.C. mayor Marion Barry was arrested for smoking crack, journalist [Ruben] Castaneda was in that hotel’s lobby, phoning in the details to the Washington Post, where he’d recently landed a job, moving from L.A.’s now defunct Herald-Examiner. What Castaneda also brought to D.C. back then was his own crack addiction, and it is a nonchalantly and honestly detailed part of his memoir. While he’s running down the stories and writing them well, he is also getting wasted. D.C.’s S Street is where the drug-selling action takes place, and Castaneda parallels his story with that of pastor Jim, who promises not to rat on the dealers but invites them to church, and that of honest, tough homicide cop Lou. There are scenes in this book that depict people acting in ways that are as low as one can humanly go, but they are related matter-of-factly, almost impersonally. There are also instances of incredible goodness, but the good guys don’t always win. Castaneda’s page-turner, told with easygoing charm and great skill, is an unstinting unveiling of who got away with what and when and how Castaneda followed the action and found himself. —Eloise Kinney
I actually visited Washington D.C. in the summer of ‘86 and again in the spring of ‘88. I was on a high school band trip the first time, so most of my memories are of parades, monuments and tour buses. But the trip in ‘88 was with a college friend who had an aunt who worked as a nurse in D.C., so I saw a bit more of the city. My friend’s aunt would drop us off in the morning and we would explore D.C. for the day and take the Metro home to her house in Virginia in the evening. On one walk to find a cool place to eat for lunch I recall stumbling on boarded up buildings and saying, Uhhh, I think we made a wrong turn.
I was too young, sheltered, and naive to understand the nature of the crack problems at that time, so it was interesting to read this book and sort of fill in the gaps in my own memory.
A really raw and interesting read from a journalist who lived through it. Great stuff. Thanks, Ruben and thanks Questlove!

Friday Five

  1. I just read an interview with Lil Jon and he said his 16-year-old son hasn’t even mentioned “Turn Down for What,” and when he tried to give him a “Turn Down for What” t-shirt the kid said, “I can’t wear that.” This is parenting a teenager in a nutshell. We’re all lame.
  2. Scott brought me a Creamsicle® yesterday and he opened it from the top. I said, Who opens it from the top? You open it from the stick end! And he told me it’s so you can eat it with the wrapper still on and don’t make a mess. I told him I don’t make a mess, because I’m not a toddler. Now we’re not sure if we can stay married.
  3. We’re still married. He brought me a Creamsicle® after all.
  4. We’re having what I call Old-Timey Car Weather. People like to drive old-timey cars around small towns in 80 degree heat. It’s cute.
  5. Finn had to carry the Iran flag at last week’s Sounders game. This photo was taken during the on field practice session. I sense world peace coming soon.image
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